Kai Sushi & Skinnie Piggy

Dinner last night
Friday is often Ian and my date night so we plan to go out for dinner and dessert and then relax afterwards (because we’re an old couple :P). We hadn’t been out for sushi in awhile and feeling a bit daring, we decided to look for a new sushi spot to check out. I did a little yelp searching and found Kai Sushi, a restaurant with great reviews that was not too far away. Awesome.

On a suggestion from a yelp user, I made a reservation. Likewise as Kai Sushi is BYOB, it was suggested that we stop at the liquor store next door to pick up a bottle of wine. The liquor store was overpriced (probably caters to sushi customers grumble grumble) but we managed to find a decently priced bottle of chardonnay. This was totally necesary after a long week!

The restaurant was pretty empty when we walked in and it because obvious that we need a reservation. In addition, sushi menus and a golf pencil were given to us to place our order. Not exactly what we were expecting but we went with it.

To start we each had a small ginger salad.

It tasted very fresh and the ginger dressing was light and flavorful. We also ordered three rolls to share.

The Flaming VIP. They actually lit the dish around the roll on fire. I tried to catch a picture of it but I was too late. Boo :(

We also had a Crunchy roll (pictured in the back) and the West Town Roll.

My favorite by far was the crunchy roll. I’m not a big fan of tempura shrimp but I do love rolls that are covered in tempura crumbs!

After dinner they brought us a few pieces of orange to cleanse our palate. I’ve never seen a sushi restaurant do this before but it was really refreshing!

Ian brought home an extra Sprinkles cupcake from work that I knew would be dessert but I was in the mood for more variety so I begged asked Ian to stop at Skinnie Piggy a smaller, local bakery to pick up another cupcake. We ended up picking up two cupcakes, a Salted Caramel & Toasted Almond and a Strawberry Dreams (to have another night).

Salted Caramel on the left and Vanilla on the right

Split halfsies

Seems like Sonic wanted a little cupcake as well :P

After a glass or two three of wine and a full belly I was happy to just lay on the couch and watch some Netflix.


Plans for the day include watching Michigan football, doing some homework and then meeting up with friends later. Have a great Saturday morning!