Errands and a Good Deed

So guess what? This morning I got a package

Banana choco chip vitatops! This definitately added to my post-run euphoria!

I spent my morning running errands spending money. I bought two new pairs of shoes from DSW- boots I needed and a cute pair of flats that were on sale. I couldn’t help myself. I also picked up some food and catnip for Sonic, a new lamp for our living room, and groceries.

After running errands Ian and I were HUNGRY so we stopped at Cosi for a fast lunch. I got my usual- the Fire Roasted Veggie on whole grain bread with carrots. Yum!

Lunch was overshadowed by a sad situation. On the walk to Cosi, Ian and I saw a young homeless couple with a dog sitting on the street. The dog looked young and hungry and the couple seemed to be care for the dog- the dog didn’t look neglected. We could see that the couple had a jug of water and some crackers but the dog was chewing on a dirty apple core. This literally broke our hearts. We talked about it at lunch and decided that we needed to do something about it. So, on our walk home we stopped at CVS and picked up a can of dog food to give to the couple. They were very thankful and appreciative for our gift.

While I know this seems inhumane, how could we feed the dog without helping the couple, but we decided that the couple had food at the time (it was visible!) and the dog was completely dependent upon the couple for food. We also figured that if the people were struggling to eat, than the dog must also be suffering. We felt a bit better after leaving the dog with some food but decided to check back in a couple of days and if they are still there we will bring some more food and water.

After arriving home I finished working on my presentation for tomorrow. I am sooo nervous, I don’t like public speaking!

Off to review my presentation one more time before tomorrow and then relax a bit. See you tomorrow!